We campaign on social mobility issues. From practical interventions, like supplying laptops to young people cut off from their education, to raising awareness of solutions to structural problems, we’re helping the UK become fairer and more mobile.

Flexible Futures

Young people showed extraordinary resiliance in the face of a last-minute teacher-assessed exam system and having faced additional barriers during the pandemic. They deserve support in figuring out their futures.

End Laptop Poverty

Even before the pandemic, the digital divide had a major impact on children’s academic ability. This isn’t just about tech, it’s about giving young people a fair chance in life.

Covid Generation

Covid-19 has affected us all, but young people’s futures will be most impacted by the economic crisis that has followed. They risk being defined as the ‘Covid Generation’.

Dear Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Young people leaving school, college or university face the toughest job market in living memory. If we fail them now, they will bear the burden for the rest of their lives.

CVs Aren't Working

Too often individuals are rejected from roles simply because of where they come from. Out-dated hiring policies are causing employers to close the door on talent.