Employer Coalition

The Department for Opportunities is mobilising a coalition of the willing – employers, institutions, communities, fellow charities, councils, schools, colleges and universities – to take action that accelerates social mobility.

This Employer Coalition supports us by sponsoring, promoting and amplifying our campaigns. Each member commits to at least one of three actions:

Creating opportunities for young people
Providing support through the Covid-19 pandemic and economic recovery
Going the extra mile in the areas most in need of support

Offering mentoring, work experience (both in person and online), apprenticeships, traineeships, Kickstarter jobs or graduate recruitment schemes.

Providing practical support to young people in need and donating laptops or other equipment that helps close the digital divide.

Proactively working with us to identify innovative ways to expand opportunities for young people.

Founding Partners

The Department for Opportunities was made possible by the strategic advice, expertise and funding provided by these partners.

We’re working together to remove the structural barriers that hold people back from reaching their full potential.

Generation Foundation

“The Social Mobility Foundation has helped thousands of disadvantaged young people overcome barriers to access traditionally ‘elite’ professions.

We are proud to be founding partners of their ambitious next chapter: targeting those barriers at source through The Department for Opportunities.

This innovative approach aims to enact meaningful and practical changes to build a fairer economic system in the UK.”

Grace Eddy

Director – Generation Foundation
Lady with crossed arms


“PwC has a strong focus on supporting social mobility. It’s one of our inclusion priorities and a core part of achieving our purpose as a business; to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Someone’s talent and determination should decide where they get to in life, not their background, but too often this is still not the case. The Department for Opportunities is an exciting and innovative route to more social mobility: rightly focusing on actionable change.

We are delighted to be a founding partner, and continue to support and collaborate with them to improve social mobility in the UK.”

Laura Hinton

Chief People Officer and Executive Board Member – PwC UK


“Now more than ever, the focus needs to be on social mobility – unlocking talent from across the country will play a key role in transforming our economy following Covid-19. 

We need an action-focused brand like the Department for Opportunities to offer tangible solutions in order to make a real difference to our society. 

Social mobility is a topic we are incredibly passionate about at Revolt and we are proud to have supported DO on its journey so far.”

Alex Lewis

Co-Founder – Revolt
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Additional Partners

With the generous support of these employers, we are working to ensure that person in the UK, regardless of background, can access opportunities that allow them to get on in life.

Join the Coalition

We’re growing the Employer Coalition so that, together, we can accelerate social mobility.

Complete the form below if your business or organisation would like to join. Please remember we ask you to commit to at least one of the three actions detailed above.