Cvs aren't working

CVs never tell the whole story. Too often, individuals are rejected from roles simply because of where they come from or what university they went to. Out-dated hiring policies are causing employers to close the door on talent they haven’t even given a chance.

CVs Aren’t Working was our debut campaign which called on employers to overhaul their outdated recruitment processes that are shutting out talented young people from low income backgrounds. The campaign was circulated in the key employer districts in London and highlighted the stories of people who have struggled to find work because of their background.

Rt Hon Alan Milburn, Chair of the Social Mobility Foundation, said:

“How employers recruit is exacerbating the UK’s social mobility problem.  By overly focusing on a small number of selective universities and fee-paying schools they are locking out talent.  CVs are a big part of the problem.

By taking practical steps to revise how they recruit, employers can open their doors to a far wider pool of potential.   They should trial removing names, universities, schools and grades to ensure they’re judging potential rather than simply past academic performance and social polish. That way employers can help themselves and help address the UK’s stagnant social mobility.”