Introducing a new movement from the Social Mobility Foundation: Department for Opportunities. 

The SMF is launching its advocacy arm to increase social mobility in the UK. Its focus will be on civil society rather than Whitehall – working with employers, communities, charities, councils, schools, colleges and universities to take action within their spheres of influence.

We are here to give young people more opportunities and DO something about the biggest issue facing the UK today; social mobility.

Rt Hon Alan Milburn, Chair of the Social Mobility Foundation, said:

“There is a social crisis in Britain today and it’s about geography as much as money. The gulf between our great cities and rural areas, coastal places and former industrial towns gets ever wider. And it’s only going to get worse unless someone does something about it.

Government has its role to play but change cannot be left to it alone. Employers, local authorities, schools, universities, charities all have a contribution to make. In fact, we all do.

This is why we are launching the Department for Opportunities (DO). It will create a coalition of the willing to do something to improve social mobility. Rather than talk about social mobility, we are going to do something about it.”