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Advice to jobseekers

I feel that you can come from anywhere and get anywhere. It’s about you as a person.

I might not have dressed the best or spoke the best, my grades weren’t always the best, even though I did well in the end. But people skills get you very far. It’s not always what you know, but how you say it sometimes, and who you know.

All the life experiences that you’ve had make you richer. They bring a different dynamic to the workplace.

“I’m from Edmonton and I work in banking. I was affected by hiring discrimination when I ‘started’ my journey, when applying for work experience & internships in various sectors. But I  haven’t experienced it at all at my current bank.

I believe hiring discrimination has affected me because I may not be as polished as other applicants and I may not speak the same way as other applicants. Coming across in a business setting, this may not always be the thing that the business wants.

I would emphasise that I don’t feel imposter syndrome as much, but over time it will disappear as I gain experience. I also think that a lot of people aren’t fortunate to meet people and go to places outside of their comfort zone, so they do not always develop this confidence which I have gained over time.”