“I’m white, British, and I’m from Dagenham. I finished college in the summer this year, and I wanted to have a little bit of a break before I started a full-time job.

I could’ve gone to uni, but it’s never really been my plan. Never really been what I wanted to do. I hated going to college. I finished it, I did it and got my A-Levels, but I did it.  I’m working in a pub at the moment. It wasn’t hard to get a job in a pub but trying to get an apprenticeship…Obviously, the way I talk is so different from anyone. I’m not university educated. I went to a group interview and everyone around me was really posh. You do feel really out of place sometimes. In some way, it does make you stand out, but not always for the best.

On my CV, I actually used my dad’s postcode, not where I live. He lives in Emerson park. A lot nicer area than where my mum is in Dagenham. I hadn’t really thought about it before but writing down a CV, I’d rather make myself look the best I can, so I use my dad’s address.”